Reviews of Clintrex by Our Customers


"Clintrex was an essential partner in Acorda’s successful development of our Parkinson’s drug, Inbrija, which led to timely FDA and EMA approvals. They are, hands down, the best group I have seen for help with any aspect of neurological drug development, including preclinical testing, clinical strategy, design and execution, regulatory interactions and approval, and post-commercial strategy and guidance. They brought us the highest possible level of international neurology and regulatory expertise, and we appreciated the deep collaborative nature of their interactions with us, as well as their patient-centeredness and integrity. "

- Ron Cohen, M.D.

President and CEO, Acorda Therapeutics, Inc.


"We brought the team at Clintrex in as expert consultants during the pre-clinical phase of the development of our lead program. They provided essential insights into the interpretation of our data. We retained them for the design and conduct of our Phase Ia clinical program, and their input during discussions with the FDA was critically important. The successful enrollment and final study results from the first-in-man study of SER-214 in Parkinson's patients have positioned our company for continued success. We have no hesitations about advancing our next Parkinson's candidate drug with this team. They are simply the best"

- Randall Moreadith, Chief Executive Officer

Serina Therapeutics


"I had the pleasure of working with Clintrex while I was the Chief Medical Officer at Cynapsus Therapeutics. The strategic support and operational guidance that Clintrex provided were foundational for Cynapsus for both its IPO and its eventual acquisition. Our success can be attributed to their clinical and regulatory acumen"

- Albert Agro, Ph.D., Previous CMO of Cynapsus Therapeutics, Now the current CEO Sublimity Therapeutics

Cynapsus Therapeutics (Now Sunivion)


"It has been our pleasure to work with the Clintrex leadership during the three years preceding our IPO in which time we launched a critical phase 2 study in Huntington’s disease. The advice and guidance we received from Clintrex on study design set the ground for generating data that supported the value of our lead product and stimulated interest from both clinicians and investors. This facilitated both successful enrollments in our study and the conclusion to our financing. We look forward to continuing to work with Clintrex as we expand the range of applications of our product to other neurodegenerative diseases"

- Maurice Zauderer, Ph.D., President & CEO

Vaccinex, Inc


"SynAgile became a Clintrex client when we were a startup with an unproven concept. Since that time Clintrex has functioned as SynAgile’s clinical arm, running our first clinical trial on a complete turnkey basis from design to regulatory approval to study execution. Along the way, we learned to trust the integrity, judgment, implementation ability, and deep neurology expertise of the Clintrex team. We found that for Clintrex their goal is not just to execute a clinical trial, but rather to ensure that SynAgile succeeds. Clintrex is now running SynAgile’s second clinical trial."

- Ephraim Heller, CEO

Synagile Corp


"The Clintrex Team has been helpful both strategically as well as operationally. It’s rare that you find an organization that can help in both identifying issues as well as solving them. We’ve been fortunate to work with Clintrex in helping advance an important therapy to market."

- Jeff Meckler, CEO and Vice Chairman of the Board

Intec Pharma


"Since 2010, Pharma Two B has been working with Clintrex in developing our combination product as a treatment for PD. We sought clinical consultants that will not only be the best experts in PD but will also have expertise in preclinical studies, drug development, and regulatory strategy. We have found all this, and more, in Clintrex. They have helped us to evaluate our preclinical results, joined with us at FDA and European regulatory meetings, designed the clinical protocols, selected the best clinical sites and investigators, and conducted training at the investigator's meetings."

- Nurit Livnah, Ph.D, Former CEO

Pharma Two B Ltd


"The clinical, regulatory, and statistical insights of the Clintrex team provided to Avadel during a critical point in our phase 3 program was invaluable. Their recommendations and execution support resulted in a meaningful acceleration of our pivotal trial enabling us in complete the study and generate significantly positive results more than 12 months ahead of the original plan. The Clintrex team were instrumental in helping us both advance our lead program and transform the future of our company.”."

- Greg Divis, Chief Executive Officer

Avadel Pharmaceuticals, plc

New Project

"Clintrex has been a remarkable help in forcing us to evaluate assumptions we have not thought in the past to challenge. It really makes this process more interesting and effective but also highlights the immense value Clintrex brings to NeuroCuresNY."

- Rajiv R. Ratan M.D., Ph.D.

Winifred Masterson Burke Professor of Neurology and Neuroscience

Weill Cornell Medicine Associate Dean (affiliate)

Weill Cornell Medicine Chief Executive Officer, Burke Neurological Institute